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Parent survey

Joseph Nielsen

Tue 23-Jun-20 8:38 PM

Got it. I'll try to find the best placement for it. Joseph


Marian Broadhead

Tue 23-Jun-20 3:27 PM

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Dear families,

We are currently working to prepare for the start of school in the fall. We want to make sure we have your input as we make plans. Your feedback will help us make decisions that will best serve our families and students, especially if we see another wave COVID-19 in our communities.  

Will you please take a few minutes to fill out the survey? 



Queridas familias,

Hemos estado trabajando duro para prepararnos para el comienzo de la escuela en agosto. Queremos tomar en cuenta su opinion al formular nuestros planes. Sus comentarios nos ayudarán a tomar decisiones para poder apoyar a nuestras familias y estudiantes, especialmente si vemos un aumento en el número de casos COVID-19 en Salt Lake City.

¿Por favor, podría tomar unos minutos para completar la encuesta?




While the Hawthorne building is closed, teachers are working hard to continue to teach remotely via packets and online instruction. Laptops have been made available to students to use at home to continue their classwork. To gain access to all teacher/student programs for instruction and learning please click on the STUDENT ONLINE RESOURCES button on the homepage of our website. if you need help tn locate this button click the “Guide to finding Student Resources" link  to the right  


Spring 2020

Dear Families,

What interesting times these are for all of us. I am so grateful that families were safe after the recent earthquake. I heard many stories of students knowing to “duck and cover. “ Our custodian and I were in the school gym and we ran to a doorframe. I am a former science teacher who could not resist looking at the USGS active earthquake site all day. It was fascinating!

However, the new challenge we are facing as a school, state, nation and world is not “fascinating.” It has impacted our lives and will continue to do so for years. You are part of an amazing Hawthorne school community that is rising to this challenge with ingenuity and professionalism.

Teachers are learning new ways to provide high quality and engaging instruction. Children are working hard and completing assignments.  Families are quickly finding out that math has changed since they were in school:  M3 math, application problems, Read, Draw, Write, Explain, problem sets, and JiJi the math penguin who helps students overcome obstacles and solve math puzzles. From the Disney film “High School Musical” which was filmed at East High School, “We are all in this together.” We are a strong community. Please continue to refer to the SLCSD website for current information and changes and stay in touch with your children’s teachers. They are super heroes.

I am thankful for our school community and everyone’s courage at this time. I am humbled to be Hawthorne’s principal and I appreciate all of you.

Sincerely and stay safe,


Marian Broadhead



(the link to family resources is on the right and also on our Homepage):

April 2, 2020

To help meet the enormous needs of our students and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Salt Lake City School District are working with community partners to provide emergency "grab and go" food bags and hygiene kits for families.

The foundation is committed to the health and safety of our students. Of particular concern at this time is protecting our students and their families against respiratory illnesses and ensuring that they have access to healthy food. We are working with our community to package food bags and emergency hygiene kits for families in need.

Families who need clothing or household goods should have a counselor request a DI voucher through the normal link. Please make sure the address of where the voucher should be sent and a phone number at which the family can be reached is entered into the note section.

We are aware these services are not completely meeting all the needs of our families during the COVID-19 school dismissal. If you have families with other needs, please have them call the Family Support Hotline at 801.301.6476, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or complete this online form.

The foundation is able to provide the following support:

  • • Food and household supplies
  • • Hygiene items
  • • Bishops’ Storehouse and DI vouchers
  • • Gift cards
  • • UTA passes

For computer issues, IT technicians are available Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at Rose Park Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, Liberty Elementary, East High School and Hillside Middle School to exchange and repair laptops.

Thank you for all you are doing for your students.


James E. Yapias

Foundation Director

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