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Hawthorne School Community Council

"Equity and Excellence; Every Student, Every day, Every Classroom"

General information about Hawthorne’s School Community Council: 

Meetings are the first Monday of every month at 5:30 PM in the library. Changes to this calendar will be posted when they arise     The public is welcome to attend.
Membership of the School Community Council is posted online, in the foyer and in the SCC school binder located in the school office.
An agenda is posted prior to each meeting in the foyer, in the SCC school binder located in the school office and online in English and Spanish.
Parents are invited to attend SCC meetings and to share their input on school goals with voting council members.
Minutes of past SCC meeting are posted in the foyer, in the SCC school binder located in the school office  and online in English and Spanish.
To move the business of the council along we use Rules of Order and Procedure (Robert's) as adopted by the council        
      General ones we are:
           Call to order.
           Move a motion.
           Second a motion.
           Debate motions.
           Vote on motions:  The methods of vote on any motion include:
                By Voice 
                By Roll Call  
               By Ballot -- Members write their vote on a slip of paper when secrecy is desired.    
SCC is the school’s Emergency Committee, and has oversight and approval responsibilities for all plans developed for the safety of the school, students and faculty.
SCC has oversight for School Lands Trust monies each year – the allocated amount for 2018-2019 is $45,200.00. SCC is also  is tasked with developing school-wide goals for which LAND Trust monies are spent. in 2018-2019 these funds are allocated to pay for math materials, math support and an art teacher. Parental Stakeholder input for the expenditure of the School Lands Trust monies for 2019-2020 will be solicited when that budget becomes available (about February,2020)
Visit this website for more SCHOOL LANDS TRUST information:

School Community Council Meetings 2018 - 2019

Meeting Date Agendas Minutes
September 04, 2018 English English, Spanish
October 01, 2018 English English, Spanish
November 05, 2018 English, Spanish Spanish, English
December 03, 2018 English, Spanish English, Spanish
January 07, 2019 English English, Spanish
February 04, 2019 English English, Spanish
March 04, 2019 English, Spanish English, Spanish
April 01, 2019 English, Spanish Spanish, English
May 05, 2019 English English
June 03, 2019 (Cancelled)

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