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RIF WeekHawthorne has a very active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that supports the education of each student at our school. All interested parents and community members are enthusiastically invited to join us. Our efforts include sponsoring Reading is Fun Week with a special look at our favorite author Dr. Suess, educational events, funding field trips, and buying and distributing books to each student several times a year. The PTA Board and members meet monthly on a Friday after school at 12:50 p.m. Dates and times of all PTA events and meetings are published in the school newsletter and posted on the school web site calendar. The PTA President for 2015-16 is Amber Stewart.

Links:| National PTA

You can help earn funds for Hawthorne:

Smith's Earn and Learn ties into your Fresh Values Card to earn funds for PTA programs. The program requires that you re-enroll your card each school year for continued participation. Hawthorne's ID No. is 80844. Sign-up online with this link, or stop in at any Smith's service desk.

Box Tops for Education can be found on a wide variety of products. The PTA sponsors classroom competitions with rewards for the class bring in the most Box Tops. Clip and save Box Tops throughout the year and send them to school with your students. Information about promotions and bonus points is available at the following link: http://www.boxtops4education.com/


Hawthorne interfaces with Goldman, Sachs, and Company every year through the Junior Achievement program. This partnership allows students at Hawthorne to learn about economic development and to have positive interactions with leaders at Goldman, Sachs, and Company. Business volunteers use hands-on instruction to help students understand economics and business in communities, states, countries, and the world. The volunteers from Goldman, Sachs, and Company have worked with Hawthorne students for more than 15 years.


The concept of Shared Governance has been implemented in the Salt Lake City School District since 1973. It was established to enable teachers, staff and community to participate in the decision making process of the school. Shared Governance operates under consensus and is implemented through the School Improvement Council (SIC) and the School Community Council (SCC). All interested parents or community members are invited to sit in on SCC meetings. Hard copies of all SCC schedules, agendas, and minutes are available in English and Spanish. They are posted in the school's foyer and in the SCC binder in the office. Web site links are in English and Spanish. Member contact information is in Hawthorne's office in the School Community Council binder.

The SCC is Hawthorne's designated Emergency Committee. This committee reviews the School Emergency Plan, the Safe Walking Route and general school emergency preparedness. Several members of SCC are certified in first aid and CPR. SCC minutes include emergency information when items are brought to the committee. Hawthorne's Safe Walking Route can be accessed at: http://www.snapforschools.com/Map_view.aspx?EntityID=698

The Parent Emergency Summary can be accessed at: Parent Emergency Summary

Summary of Hawthorne's LAND Trust plan, funding, how funds were used and what was accomplished for students: Approved Plan for 2015-16

Information from the Utah State Office of Education regarding opportunities provided to parents by serving on the SCC and the council's responsibilities: SCC Purpose and Duties Spanish

In Hawthorne's SCC meetings only four of Robert's Rules of Order are used: motion (move), amend, adopt or accept and adjourn.

August Agenda 15-16 Spanish


Archive SCC 2011-12

Archive SCC 2012-13

Archive SCC 2013-14

Archive SCC 2014-15



The ELP Steering Committee is a parent, teacher and administrator committee that meets once a month. Parent members are elected to various positions and serve for a year. One of the important goals of this committee is to work with the school and the district to provide quality education for gifted children. The efforts of the Steering Committee have resulted in expanded class libraries for teachers, artists in residence and most recently Spanish language instruction in every class.

Chair - Cindy Thornton Newsletter - Deena Rutter
Past Chair - Heather May Language Committee- Marilyn Taft
Co-Chair Elect - Mike and Deb Neklason New Students - Sara Workman
Secretary - Kaye Higgins Web site - Melisssa Nelson-Stippich
Treasurer - Kathleen Wilson Faculty Rep -
SCC Liaison - Jennifer Hamelin Faculty Rep -
Co-op Coordinator - Lisa Wadge PTA Liaison - Heather Reynonds

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