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Welcome to Our Web Site

This web site is easy to navigate and filled with information about Hawthorne Elementary. We encourage you to browse the site frequently. You will enjoy learning about our programs, community, students, and staff.

For information regarding the Hawthorne community, School Community Council and the Salt Lake City School District go to "Community". Public information is also posted in the school foyer. School Community Council information can be read in the office in an SCC binder, as well.


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News & Announcements:


While the new site is under construction we are able to use the old site! Yeah! Look for updates and information about school.

Dec 5th - Spelling Bee Finals in the gym

Dec 19th - Geography Bee Finals in the gym

Dec 26th - December 9th Winter Recess

Parking Lot Art on a Snowy Day:

parking lot art


Open Enrollment Process:

The early enorllment period is from December 1st to February 17, 2017. Forms are availabe at District offices located at 100 South 440 East in Student Services. A $5.00 processing fee will be charged. Parents and students will be notified in writing by March 31st of acceptance of denial of the request for an open enrollment transfer.


The theme this year for Reflections is "What is Your Story?" Entries are due October 11th. Information has been sent home by the PTA for all interested applicants. Additional information and entry forms are located inside the school near the trophy case.

Starting School:


First bell 8:10AM Monday through Friday

Last bell 2:45PM Monday through Thursday 12:35PM on Friday




A day at the Capitol reciting the Preamble to the Constitution



Art Walk:

art walk

Families enjoyed a wonderful evening at the annual Hawthorne Art Walk. Mrs. Rich's students displayed exceptional pieces of work covering a year's worth of instruction depicting various modes and mediums of art.

Thank you to Ashley Moncur and her PTA committee for a smoothly executed evening. We were delighted when the incoming SLCSD Superintendent Lexi Cunningham dropped in to view the art and visit with families. What an unexpected surprise!


Great Utah Shakeout Drill:


Grant, Luka, Owen and Charlie duck, cover and hold on during the recent state-wide earthquake drill. Nearly one million Utahns participated in this drill designed to test their responses if a large calamity strikes the state.

Student and staff participate in monthly drills which include fire, lost child, lock down and earthquake. SCC is the school Emergency Committee. They review safe walking routes to school and traffic concerns. PTA plans Health and Safety Fairs for families to learn about safety agencies in the community, services available for families and healthy life style choices.

The district has emergency procedures for school and conducts yearly radio response drills.

NELP Creative Pursuits:


Neighborhood ELP students Oaklen Hendricksen, Ryker Bennett, Fabiola Walker, Ava Rollins, Bryce Probasco, Jackson Romney and Ciara Thatcher along with their teacher Ms. Sohm display their 1st Place winning entries in the Jr. Division Community Problem Solving competition. They focused on the state flower, the Sego Lily and wondered "Where have all the lilies gone?"


SLCSD Board Presentation:


Jaden Tu and Ethan McCullock spoke at an April SLCSD School Board meeting representing Hawthorne. They talked about winning with 12 other students the State Elementary Chess Championships for 2016 and what they liked to do best at school.

Bronze Medal Winner:


Congratulations to Delicia Iteriteka winner of a Bronze Medal in the Las Vegas International Karate Championships.


State Chess Champions:


Hawthorne Elementary's chess team of Ben Watanabe, Chloe Parke, Ethan Mcculloch, Chendi Luo, Jaden Tu, Ben Jones, Aedan Lawlor, Richard Pan, Doruk Toydemir, Colton Skuster, Jeffery Ye, Paul Stach, Alexis Kusluch and Russell Brinton recently won the 2016 Elementary State Chess Tournament. The team coached by Marty Olsen competed against 72 chess teams in this yearly state-wide competition. Hawthorne students learn chess in an after school program and enjoy competing against other young aspiring chess masters.

Reading Assembly with the Utah Grizzlies:


Students enjoyed a lively assembly with members of the Utah Grizzlies hockey team. The players encouraged students to believe in themselves, set goals, be team players and read. Thank you to the Utah Grizzlies!

Salad Bar:


The cafeteria has a new salad bar. Students may add salad and fruit from the salad bar to any cafeteria selection on the menu.

Presidents' Day Art:

presid day

Students in Ms. Salas, Ross, Torres and Soria created beautiful mosaic portraits of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington to hang in the halls for Presidents' Day.

Dance at Hawthorne:


Students from Mrs. Torres' class receive dance instruction from Ms. Penka our BTS dance teacher.

The Winners of the BEEs:


Congratulations to Adelaide Parker the winner of the Geography Bee and Elizabeth Zhang the Spelling Bee winner. These students will go on to their respective regional competitions. Well done!

Mathcounts competition:


Congratulations to Mr. Nickerson's MathCounts teams who recently won the district sponsored MathCounts competition. There were 16 teams from Hawthorne, SLCSE, Clayton, Hillside and Glendale who participated in a day long event.

Winners were:

Championship Team of Malavika Singh, Sanjula Pingali, Yvonne Kim and Elizabeth Zhang

1st Runner up Team of E.P. Simmons, Doruk Toydemir, Elias Sigman and Jack Pronovost

3rd Runner up Team of Adelaide Parker, Arundhati Oommen, Vivian Marcoux and Mirna El-Gendy

For the individual awards 9 of the top 10 students included current Hawthorne students and former Hawthorne students. Great work all!


"I have a dream":


Students in Mrs. Soria's class read Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speech and wrote about what it means to them in colorful self portraits. In addition they wrote about their own dreams some of there are:

"I have a dream to speak like a lion and not like a mouse."

"I have a dream to be confident and have integrity."

"My dream is to be the best person I can and have a kitten."

"My dream is to learn, speak good things and try not to burp when I talk."


Martin Luther King, Jr. Art:


Mrs. Clark's 2nd grade ELP class created a mosaic portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. and learned his historic speech "I Have a Dream." The school will be closed on January 18th for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

All about riding the bus:

Bus assembly

Student projects explain safety when entering, exiting and riding the bus.

Salt Lake Center for Science and Engineering:

SLCSE Open House

Science Fair 2016:

Science Fair information, time lines and resources: Science Fair

Student Supervision Before and After School:

Thank you to our many parents who are the extra eyes on the playgrounds before and after school. Your presence adds to our community safety. Staff supervise students 15 minutes before school starts and 15 minutes after school ends.  Students who stay beyond this time and play should be supervised by parents or guardians.

All students who have missed rides or are unsure about after school pick-ups are encouraged to come to the office for help. We will make sure they are safe while we call contact numbers.  Students who are in aftercare are supervised by Hawthorne’s excellent aftercare staff.

If your children are eating breakfast the exterior cafeteria door opens at 7:30 AM.

Hoping for Snow:



Hour of Code:


Over 400 students participated in the district sponsored "Hour of Code" learning coding skills using an engaging "Star Wars" program.

Student Art Work:


Magnet ELP Information for 2016-2017:

Open Houses at Magnet Sites

Testing and Applications

Feast of Gratitude:


Students in Ms. Schmock's and Ms. Jachim's classes continue a tradition of sharing a feast of gratitude.

World Kindness Day:


Students celebrate World Kindness Day with kind words and thoughts posted on helping hands.


Guinness World Record Stacking Day:


Classes participate in a world-wide stacking event to set a new Guinness World Record.



Imaginations soar with this year's Reflections theme. Students earning awards are posted on the PTA bulletin board at school.


Canyon Science:


Students from room #29 listen to a lesson by science coach Mr. Quaderer on the geology of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Golden Tray Award:


Fifth grade students with exceptional manners in the cafeteria win a new award at school: "The Golden Tray Award." (Cookies, too)

Middle School ELP testing:

Salt Lake City School District’s Extended Learning Program (ELP) provides specialized educational services for identified gifted and high ability 7th and 8th grade middle school students. ELP services are available at all district middle schools with more extensive services provided through ELP Magnet Programs at Clayton and Hillside Middle Schools and West High School.

As part of the eligibility process for the 2016-2017 school year, gifted and high ability 6th and 7th grade students may participate in the middle school testing which occurs at each elementary and middle school during November and December.  The registration deadline for testing is November 2, 2015.

For more information, log on to the district website at http://www.slcschools.org/departments/curriculum/extended-learning-program/#.VbacTKPnapo, or contact the ELP Department staff at 801-578-8573.


Halloween Fun:


Students in room #12 enjoy Halloween games and a party.

Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship:

A new responsibility for School Community Councils is to engage in an on-going discussion with school personnel about creating safe technology enforcement for students in public schools. Hawthorne has posted on the school website under “Community” a Salt Lake City School District and school report that addresses questions about devices used at school, programs and sites accessible to students, supervision practices and school rules regarding electronic devices to name a few.

Hawthorne's focus on safe technology and digital citizenship includes a yearly internet safety assembly for students and specific Board policies outlining acceptable student use of computers and electronic devices at school.  The internet safety assembly will be November 6th. There are two assemblies: one for k-3rd grade students at 8:45 AM and another for 4th-6th grade students at 9:30 AM.

Parent/guardian education on safe technology and digital citizenship is one of the goals for SCC and the school.


See"Community" for links and Board policies.


State Report Card:

Congratulations to Hawthorne students and staff for achieving an "A" on the Utah State school report card for 2014-2015. Students' proficiency and growth increased on the English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science SAGE tests. Well done all!


Constitution Day:

Constitution Day

Students learn about the Constitution

PTA Fund raiser:

Hawk Walk September 11th 6:00PM Don't forget!


Welcome Back Hawthorne Hawks:

back to school

School Community Council:

William and Megan Buhler have been nominated for the position of Co-chairs of Hawthorne's School Community Council. Jennifer Hamelin has been nominated by the ELP Steering Committee to fill the position of ELP representative to the School Community Council.

SCC thanks past Chairman Mariana Ahlers and members Heidi LaPlante, Matthew LaPlante and Jennifer Batchler for their service to the school and committee.

Current members of SCC will review and vote upon these nominations at the first meeting on August 31st at 6:00PM in the library.

Hawthorne parents who may wish to be considered for SCC membership are invited to contact the school principal.


2015 SAGE Test Results:

Proficiency Levels

Parent guide to student report


Book Exchange:

book exchange

Hawthorne has a wonderful book exchange across from the library. Students are encouraged to take books or leave books for others to enjoy. Donations are always appreciated. In addition older library books that are free to our school community are on a table outside of the library. Come and browse.



10 Ways to Foster Your Child's Success

  • Talk with your child. Talking early and often with your children helps them trust you as a source of information and guidance.
  • Set high but realistic expectations. Paying attention to your children's strengths, while acknowledging where they need assistance, can help children develop realistic self-expectations.
  • Build your child's self-esteem and confidence. Encourage your children to make choices even if it means making mistakes. This is how children learn and grow.
  • Keep your child healthy. Promote your children's physical emotional, and social healthy.
  • Support learning at home. Show that education is important to you and that you value learning.
  • Communicate with your child's school. Communicate on a regular basis with the school to stay informed and involved.
  • Encourage exploration and discovery. By encouraging your children to develop their interests and seek opportunities to try new things you help them make the most of the world around them.
  • Help your child develop good relationships. All children want to fit in and belong. Helping your children develop friendships that affirm them will go a long way to helping them build solid relationships a adults.
  • Keep your child safe. Teach your children safety procedures and how to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Participate in community service. Children's positive energy and talents can be acknowledged beyond the classroom when used to serve or help others.


From "How to Help Your Child Succeed" -- National PTA's Building Successful Partnerships Program

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